Welcome to TOYOMURA!

TOYOMURA Electronics Co., Ltd. strongly recommend electronic parts and devices to be the main solution for various clients as an authorized dealer of Seiko Instruments Inc (SII) and ABLIC Corporation.
Since 1956, we have gained experiences by cultivating amateur radio communication sales. We contribute to social developments in wide variety of company activities and aim at companies that are trusted in collaboration in the world.

Dedicated Sales Network in Asia

We fulfill many requests daily from clients through a dedicated sales network that include China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, and India in Asia region.
Our business model is operated with a domestic mindset to provide a more personal experience, we develop strong relationship with our local affiliates in each country and provide electronic parts solutions to the clients located in Asian region.
Based on the needs for goods and service which people request, we continue challenging, improving and creating the added value as a good personal relationship.